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What is Tarion Qualified? 
Educational Requirements 
New applicants proposing to build residential freehold and low-rise condominium construction under Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code will be required to complete seven educational competencies in addition to Tarion’s existing registration requirements. The educational requirements are based on the Canadian Home Builders’ Association’s National Education Benchmarks for residential construction. Achieving these competencies is a pre-requisite for registration. 
The competencies include: 
Business Planning and Management 
Financial Planning and Management 
Project Management and Supervision 
Legal Issues in Housing 
Building Codes in Ontario* 
Construction Technology* 
Customer Service and Tarion Requirements 
In addition, it is mandatory to pass a written and proctored examination based on Part 9 of the Ontario Building Code. 
I have all these qualifications and presently serve as an Officer and Director on two companies registered with Tarion. 
Make the right call: 226-224-8004 cell or 519-207-0336 office. 
Tarion Qualified Designate 
As the Purchaser of a new home in Ontario, part of the purchasing process is the Pre Delivery Inspection. 
The PDI is performed before you take possession of the property and is a formal record of the condition of your new home. 
This documentation is important as it details any missing items, or improper substitutions and work to be completed before actual possession. 
As the Purchaser, you are entitled to have a knowledgeable person attend the PDI to act on your behalf. 
I have this Qualification.
Make the right call: 226-224-8004 cell or 519-207-0336 office. 
Standards of Practice

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