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Are you the seller?

A man’s home is his castle.  Is your castle ready for the market? Is your castle ready to be scrutinized by a prospective customer? I’ll bet you take better care of your car than you do your home!

Home maintenance is a touchy subject for homeowners 

Most items found during my Inspections should have and could have been attended too before the Home Inspector enters the door.

Why not have these items addressed before you have an Offer to Purchase sitting on the table?

Why start renegotiating the selling price?

The answer is simple but seldom followed:

Have a Presale Home Inspection completed.  Take care of the contentious items before they become a tool for renegotiating and potentially a lower price! 

Take a look at the ‘Photo’ page.  Should anything look familiar book a Presale Inspection!

Jeffrey Home Inspection Pricing

To obtain a quote for your inspection please call me at 519-207-0336. I may not be the cheapest inspector around but I will guarantee to you that I will have your best interest at heart and I will endeavour to answer all your questions whether it be today, tomorrow and even next year. My phone is always open to you, my client at no additional charge. It would be appreciated if you have the MLS number available. Phone today!






You never know what I'll find in an inspection

Jeffrey Home Inspection

Jeffrey Home Inspection

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