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Unsolicited References 
Good Morning Bryce. Thank you so much for all your work! We will be sure to recommend you to all of our friends should they need a home inspection. Dana & John 
Thank you Bryce. You have done an excellent job and exactly what we needed. You will be highly recommended to our friends and family as they choose to move in the future. Thank you for your concern, it is greatly appreciated. Melissa & John 
Thanks a lot, Bryce! You were very helpful. Emily 
Hello Bryce. Thank you very much for inspecting the home for us. We are very happy with your service. We will call you first when anything comes up. Have a wonderful day! Ke 
Hey Bryce. I was talking to my Dad last night and he was saying that he had fun at the home inspection. Take care, Jim 
Good day Bryce. Thanks for the link. You come highly recommended. If you need to contact me, my cell number is. I have this phone with me all the time. Thanks, Denise 
Darlene: Thank you so much you are the best.  
Hello Bryce. Thank you for this extremely helpful information; I do appreciate it very much. Thanks for doing such a conscientious job of this home inspection. Suzanne 
Hi Bryce. I hope your weekend is going well. We just wanted to send you a quick email to thank you for all the information that you provided to us in the inspection report. It was just want we needed in order to get the house ready to sell. Have a great summer and all the best. Bob & Pam 
Hello, Jeffrey! I was referred to you by our real estate agent. She spoke very highly of you, and my fiancée and I took a look at your website, and we really appreciate your dedication to the job. That being said, we're in the process of hopefully purchasing our first home! It's located in London. We're putting in the offer likely tomorrow. I'm actually just wondering what your schedule looks like for the next couple of weeks to see when you might be available? Whenever you have a moment, if you could call me, or reply to me by email, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time. Jen & Jeff. 
Hi Bryce. A lot of my friends are just purchasing their first home and you have been a wonderful resource for all of us. Hope all is well. Thanks, Hayley 
Thank you Bryce, this really helped with the amendment. I will let you know how it goes. Josh and Andrea really liked the attention that you gave them and so did I :) Top notch service I will be sure to recommend you. Thanks again! Brenda 
Bryce. I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for being so exceptional. I was visiting with Harry and Mary yesterday and now have heard all the details of the water break ….. I had no idea! They are kind people and had nothing but praise for you.  
Thanks again, and I will definitely flag your site. I am not the kind of Realtor that wants `soft reports'. I prefer the truth and have no problem talking my clients out of a home that isn't what they hoped for. I turn every stone over to protect them. That's where the repeat business and referrals come from. I don't do smoke and mirrors … sounds like we have the same philosophy. Enjoy your day. It was truly a pleasure connecting with you. Jennifer 
Hi Bryce. The pleasure in discussing your home inspection details was ours. Chris & I very much appreciated your professional experience, as well as your sense of humour. Best wishes, Peter 
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