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Welcome to the Jeffrey Home Inspection Website

I serve the London & St. Thomas area including the following:

  • Aylmer
  • Thames Centre
  • West Lorne
  • Exeter
  • Sparta  
  • Glanworth
  • Woodstock
  • Strathroy
  • Thamesville
  • Ingersol
  • Delaware
  • Dutton
  • Port Stanley
  • Glanworth
  • 519-207-0336

    My qualifications are straightforward:

    I have built over 70 new single-family homes in St. Thomas.

    I was the Secretary Treasurer of the St. Thomas Chapter of The National Home Builders Association.

    I have purchased, renovated and sold over 50 additional pieces of real estate.

    I was a Broker with the London and St. Thomas Real Estate Board for 18 years.

    I am a Board Certified Master Inspector. I know deficiencies! I know what to look for to protect you my client.

    I abide by the Master Inspector Certification Board’s Code of Ethics.

    I have passed a Canadian criminal background check.

    Mike Holmes says:  “Good home inspectors are worth their weight in gold, because they’ll help you make an informed decision.  Further, he recommends: “the best ones are people who have worked in the home-building or home renovation world for years”. (Quote is from "The Holmes Inspection: Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy Or Sell Your Home" by Mike Holmes)

    My inspection will take approximately two to three hours depending on the size of the home.  On completion I will give you a verbal report as to any major deficiencies that may be noted. 

    It will take me another two to three hours to prepare your final report.  We will meet at your convenience to review the completed report along with any pertinent additional information and view the comprehensive photo DVD.

    Should any concerns be noted, I will advise you, usually with the expression:  “If this were my house, this is what I would do.”

    I perform but one inspection a day!  Many inspectors attempt three or four or more!

    As my Client …You deserve quality not quantity!

    A thorough home inspection requires a lot of time, a lot of work and most importantly a lifetime of experience and knowledge.

    It’s your money, spend it on the best and most knowledgeable inspector you can find.

    Please remember, should any questions arise in the future, whether it be to day, to-morrow or even next year, please call Bryce first  There are no additional charges once you become a Client of Jeffrey Home Inspection – 519-207-0336. I am always here to answer your questions!

    My Promise to You:

    Should you be dissatisfied with the quality of my work, my report or my lack of knowledge, I will not charge you!  I will keep the report and you may keep your money! 

    Please call 519-207-0336 and please have the MLS number handy for a quote on your home. 

    Closing quote of the day:

    A qualified Home Inspector is not cheap!

    A cheap Home Inspector is not qualified!







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